The Investigator

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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Mymyk: Her Love

She was a girl. She was a girl who appeared more as a woman than a girl. She sat there in her little cottage home, outlined by the fire, singing quietly to herself as her shadow danced in a glorious ballet among the rafters. Her raven locks fell about her, a blanket of night shining due to the flickering flames, as her fingers were nimbly working with two long needles and a ball of yarn. The song she sang was full of sorrow, yet so sweet and serene and full of a hope that it seemed much brighter than the tune would let on. A sound behind her caused her to start, the needles clacking together as they fell into her lap and she turned towards another form that had managed to sneak into the room only to stand behind her.

"My love! You startled me. Whatever is wrong this evening?" The softest and sweetest of smiles came to her lips as she pushed the knitting off of her lap, gaze drifting up into the golden sunset of his eyes.

"I'm not certain. Something feels off this evening. How are you feeling?" The woman that once sat upon the ground at once rose and moved to rest within his arms. Mymyk. The name swept through his skull as lashes drew his eyes closed, lips coming to rest upon the top of her head as his nose buried into her hair. She was the gentlest soul he had ever met, and yet she was so very powerful. A sorceress, many would say, a woman of nature that could take the very earth and air and create anything she so desired. They would make her out to be some form of witch that created terrible monstrosities to terrify cities and towns. That wasn't Mymyk, though. Not his Mymyk. She was a sweet and kind woman, soft in step and gentle in words. He could barely imagine her even using such magics, at least in that way. Truly, honestly, she was a healer and spent her life living deep in the woods secluded from many, communing only with nature. She studied under two of the greatest talents known in the span of their countries history. In fact, that was how he came to know her.

It was near four years ago, minus a season or two, that she came in search of of a place where her skills may be allowed to grow through learning. It was by chance, really, that Mymyk had come across the duo Juniper and Greenstar. The purest of chance. Only in those days they were no longer a duo, but still two of the most gifted in the land. The elders had parted ways and began separate lives elsewhere. It was actually Greenstar that Mymyk had come across first and he had taken her under his wing, teaching her the druidic ways of what he knew. She appeared to be apt in the skills more situated to nature. Things ended abruptly with them when he had to take off for home after hearing about the murder of his youngest daughter which was soon followed by the eldest. No one had heard from the man since. Mymyk took on a journey to find Juniper at that point and this is where he himself came into the picture. There was always something a little off, a little not right with the situation and Juniper had hired him to help protect the young woman as they continued their studies. Juniper disappeared not long after and hadn't been heard from since. As many stories tend to end, he fell in love with Mymyk and has since been living his days with her in the quaint cottage in the woods as she continued to practice what she was taught. And extraordinary woman, really.

But today, just like the day when he was hired, there was something that wasn't sitting well with him in the very core of his being. Perhaps it was just a mild fear due to the fact that they were expecting their first child in a few months, but it could also be an intuition that raised the hackles and stiffened the hairs on the back of his neck. Whichever it was, he took her into his arms and they held each other tight. His wings slowly began to wrap about them to ward off a cool breeze that tried to intrude from outside. Picking her up in both of his arms, they moved towards the bed with slow and purposeful footsteps. He placed a soft kiss upon her forehead which caused that sweetly serene smile of hers to slowly dissipate into a look of wonder upon her lips and caused her eyes to sparkle.

“I am fine, dear Phimires. You shouldn't worry so much.” He couldn't shake that smile from his mind as he placed her upon the bed. Clasping his wings behind him, he crawled into the comfort of the bed beside her to rest his head.

“I do apologize, my darling, but something just doesn't feel right. I would like you to stay inside for a little while until I can place my finger on where this feeling is coming from.” His arms wrapped about her gently while one hand began to lightly circle about her protruding belly.

“I think you are being silly, but I will do as you ask.” The cool breeze from the dusk of spring once again tried to seep in through the windows, but instead of creating cold it only brought that gentle scent of life drifting through the room. The flames in the small hearth licked at the darkness causing the shadows to dance in their own passionate reform. Growing closer together in the dimming of day, their lips met in a delicate telling of their lives together. It wasn't long before their blessings for meeting each other were spoken and the awe of night falling hit them with a trembling beauty. The moonlight soon invaded through the windows, illuminating the sleeping couple as a second pair of unnoticed golden eyes blinked back out of existence and disappeared in the dark.