The Investigator

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Friday, October 15, 2010

Krimsin: The Dance

“Please, sir, come join me and sit. Mayhap we can converse for some time. You can speak more of how my beauty captured your heart,” came her mocked humble response to the sudden excitement of having another come wooing her.

“Yes. Do sit, sir, for you appear pale from the sudden rush of blood,” sneered the young companion who sat across the table from the woman. He seemed displeased with losing his conversation for the night, but it couldn't be so with so many other women in the room that would certainly take him into their arms. Perhaps he was more displeased at Krimsin's stubbornness to join him upstairs. It appeared, by the way he suddenly rose so the new comer may take his seat, that the later was true. But the perfectionist already knew that she wouldn't and it was part of his plan that she didn't. No further affirmation from her former company was needed.

“A pleasure, Milady. An absolute pleasure.” She offered her hand, gloved in silk, which he took up with both of his own. Bowing neatly at the waist in order to press his pale lips gently upon her middle knuckle, his gaze happened to see the dulled area that didn't shine quite as brilliantly as the rest of his boot. He tried to occupy his mind with the task at hand, but the scuff sat back there, festering and waiting, taunting and teasing him.

“Tell me, kind sir, what you name is?” Her fingers fluttered to touch a curl lightly, brushing by it just enough to cause it to spring into a gentle bounce that his eyes couldn't help but follow. This, in turn, caused a smile to stretch over her lips, not quite forced but not quite natural either. He, himself, was flustered.

“Oh, dear lady. I-I could not possibly ruin this moment with such harsh and unneeded words.” The springing curl seemed to have caused him unneeded stress as he was beginning to stutter. His words were spoken slowly, purposefully, as if each word had been thought out and rehearsed one hundred times in his head before he would dare speak them to her. “I-I have been watching you secretly for a month, now. Each time you come here,” a pause, a breath, “I am taken by you all over again and I, I can not keep my heart still in my chest. I am smitten with you, dear woman, and I have just, this evening, had the courage to approach you to tell you what your beauty does to me. I have never...” another pause. This one lasted longer as he reached his silken gloved hand out in order to take up her hand within his own once again. “Never seen such beauty in my years.”

Her lips barely moved due to the soft blush that managed to creep like ivy over her cheeks and even brighten the very tips of her rounded ears. “Krimsin,” she breathed, seeming as taken with him as he just spoke of being with her. “My name is Krimsin, sir.” He hadn't asked. He didn't need to. He had known her name for a month. He knew her quirks, knew her father, her sister. He knew her voice, her scent, and the very sound of her footfalls. He knew she was already tainted with the erotic joys of society and hence could not be useful to him in all the ways he needed. He needed a woman who was simple and sweet, but didn't only act in that manner during the day because of the eyes that were spying on her. She was, though, a beautiful creature that he was quite smitten with and needed to have.

“Krimsin.” It rolled off his tongue like so many marbles, smooth and fluid. Perhaps this, too, he had been practicing over and over again while he stood in the shadows mesmerized by the entity such as she was. “Krimsin,” he repeated, softer this time and with a thickening fondness in his voice. “Krimsin, you are as enchanting as the very stars in the sky and twice as bewitching.” The music was changing from the lone piper to that of a viola player who appeared haunted and his music seemed to fall in line with the appearance. Soft, gentle, but holding a certain mystery of sadness behind each note that hung thick in the stale air. Everyone seemed spell-bound by this new musician who, by the looks on the faces of the patrons, was not a regular of this establishment.

A chord was struck. Everything seemed to be in place. The man at the viola stared with a never ending icy gaze of azure towards the two seated at the table. No words had to be spoken as both rose as if on cue. A silken gloved hand took that of the delicate woman's hand. They took three small and slow steps towards an area that was always cleared to allow those who desired an area to dance. The man at the viola continued to stare, following them as if he were their puppeteer, a deadly spider, and he was dancing his marionette prey closer to his grasp. The woman's arms moved around the neck of the unknown man and, in silence, they began to move. Slowly at first, but soon the sweeping arpeggio of the viola caused them to drift into a world where only they existed.

"Mm, such a lovely creature you are." His hand slowly reached upwards to her face in order to caress her cheek as they danced. When his fingers finally found the silken softness of her flesh, even under the material of his gloves, it caused a shiver of pleasure to tremble down his spine. If he had not shaken the tremor off when it hit his shoulders the woman certainly would have felt it. Krimsin smiled instead, drinking in his charms and being hypnotized by the beauty he allowed to be seen after hours of struggle and preparation.

"Sir, you are too kind." Her lips curled as steam would, smiling seductively as it climbed from the waters of her fragrant oiled baths. Her blond tresses fell in curls over her shoulders, cascading its beauty to her mid-back like a rippling vibrant waterfall, illuminating the paleness of her face. It was a delicate but balanced beauty, natural and yet ethereal in its own way. Perhaps this was why he found his heart pounding strongly in his chest, ever faster, as she inched herself closer to him, her head near ready to fall upon the trembling upheaval of his bosom.

"You flatter me, my dear. But I am truly nothing more than a simple investigator needing to know more about your beauty. I must discover, once and for all, if you truly are real." His tone soothed her soul. He made her desire to collapse to her knees while his words kept her walking on cloud nine. He watched as her eyes fell closed, her lips parting ever so slightly to the magic of his soothing voice. The beauty of the viola had her caught in this beautiful moment that she could not shake free of. She didn't desire to be free of it either, as became apparent by the look on her face. It was then that he knew, finally, she was wrapped around his finger.

She was the newest piece of the game, his latest pawn, and he couldn't help but continue to hold her and know that his feast was not far off. Leaning down, his eyes closed to the scent of her bath oils slamming into his nostrils at full force. He placed his lips delicately upon hers, kissing her lightly and making sure he lingered there just long enough, a calculated measure of time. When he drew back, his attention was drawn to the fragrance upon her neck and he felt the need to place his lips there as well. Reluctantly, he drew away from her succulent, sweet, aromatic flesh so that his gaze might sweep over her countenance once again. As if being directed by some outside force, her lashes fluttered open and she could view the longing in his most exotic golden gaze. Her own eyes, full of a sense of formidable desire, became lost within his as he could feel her beginning to fall. She was losing her sense of self, falling within his soul and melting under the soft touches and caresses that he offered. She was now completely under his control, ready to follow even his most outlandish of whims.

No, not now. Now was not the right time for her to fall so deeply for him that she lost all sense of who she was. He had to wait until they were alone before he could continue. This is not the way the game is supposed to be played. He needed to keep her talking, keep her conscious of where they were or all this would have been for naught. He cast a sharp look towards the man still lost in the simple hum and thrum of his strings and quickly the viola stopped. The guests gasped at the abrupt departure as the musician left without a word in the same manner he came. He was quickly replaced by a piper who brought the room back to their normal murmured din of quiet speaking.

"This light, it doesn't do you justice. If I don't appear too presumptuous, might I walk with you in the night for a short while? The gentle brush of moonlight would hold you in its glow more lovingly than the harsh firelight in here." Her breath! Even holding her, he could tell that she she was holding it, perhaps in anticipation of what was to come. What kind of sick animal did she take him for? Has he not been a perfect gentleman? Has he not shown her more respect than most of the men who spoke with her only in hopes of bringing her up to one of the rented rooms for an hour or two? Again, it was not part of the game. Although smitten and taken by her beauty, the last thought in his mind was the idea of having his way with her.

"Oh please, kind sir. Away from all spying eyes? I know not even your name, sir.” His features took on a look of disappointment which caused the woman to reconsider her options. “I suppose the night is waning and I should consider the walk home. I will allow you to accompany me." He could hear in her voice a small quiver of joy, though she tried so hard to sound placid and bored with the idea that she would soon be alone with his very self. He found the simple clash of the two emotions to create a small pleasurable shiver of his own anticipation that rippled over his shoulders, trailing halfway down his spine before vanishing. She was delicious in her determination to not seem like the person that she truly was inside. Society did so well at teaching her to be proper that such a small morsel of indignity coming from her was almost more than he could sample all at once. His golden gaze once more found her emerald eyes. Quickly he found himself lost within her, searching her mind and soul, everything that she was offering by having her barriers of suspicion disappear.

"Ah, yes Miss Krimsin. We shall go out for a moment, just so I can see your beauty in the moonlight. Then I will prepare to take you on your journey. As a gentleman, I will make certain nothing happens to you that isn't already planned." He has seen her in the moonlight many times before over the course of the month, but this would be the first time he would be so close as to touch the waterfall of light that cascaded down her back. The first time he would be able to smell the sweet aroma released by her tresses each time she took a step and the curls bounced. One hand moved into place upon the small of her back as his other free hand took up one of her own, guiding her to the door, seeking exit from the establishment. This was the first time ever she would be seen leaving the building with another person. He would be watching it not from the shadows, but from that eyes of the very person walking with her. He watched her, studying her quietly as her eyes closed. She appeared to truly believe that she was being led into her childhood dream.

The two of them glided outside as if they had been dancing upon a silver cloud of angelic dust that was only now beginning to settle around them like the gentle waking from a dream. Once they were enveloped in the surrounding night's shadows, pouring in around them from every angle, he carefully picked her up, embracing her gently within his arms. She was, to him, a delicate fruit he desired not to bruise and she took it as if this was the most ordinary thing that happened to her every day. There was no surprise in his feelings towards her. It was as if she had known him most of her life. It was a comfortable feeling. Holding her close to his chest, she could easily feel the thumping of his heart within and it caused her breathing to become soft and slow. It was as if the pounding caused a spell to place her into a light and serene slumber.

“Ah, Krimsin. A thing of beauty, you are. As if from a dream. The night is destined for us and plans are pending. Come, I will take you to an enchanting place where you will have the seat of honor and be worshiped by all who are there.” He would be the only one at this enchanted place, though, and certainly she would be worshiped to some aspect. He shifted her weight in his arms gently before placing a single finger to her forehead, this time his lips curling, seductive smoke from a fire that had been burning for decades. “Sleep, little one. This will be over soon enough.”