The Investigator

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Thursday, October 14, 2010


The research had taken him years. Figuring how to use each tool once they were in his possession created difficulties all its own. It was, though, about time to finally put all of this knowledge to use. He had chosen his victim, having watched the lovely creature for weeks now. She was the daughter of a well known druid. In fact, she was the youngest of his children and had but one other sibling: a sister named Isabella. Isabella was a few good years ahead of her sister and acted as both mother and father to her sister. There was no known mother and their father was often gone with his druidic tasks and woman wooing. This made the girls depend strongly upon one another as they grew.

The target of his plans, the druid's youngest daughter, was named Krimsin. She had a delicate figure but a wild mind, taking after her father in many ways. She often would sneak from her house on feather-light feet and flew into the night in order to show up at the most daring of parties in the more shabby of districts. Her father nor her sister knew of her debauchery. Outside of her nightly adventures, she was the perfect, sweet and gentle woman whom feared men like any woman should. Never did her family suspect her nightly escapades. This, alone, spoke volumes about the woman and her capricious desires. She had strange tastes and had yet to spend a single overnight with a man. Not once had a single person seen her leave one of her exotic fancies with one.

He was a master of perfection. Everything always needed to be in place, including the pawns in his game. The woman had entered not long ago, and his eyes only followed her within the building from the looming shadow cast by the building. The night was clear and the stars twinkled. The moon, silver coated as it sat in the inky blackness, cast just enough of a gentle light for the man to prepare. Watching the man, many might consider him an obsessive compulsive perfectionist.

Always he began from the ground upwards. Slowly, he folded over at the waist with a slight bend in his knees as his fingertips moved over a scuff mark on his boots, a frown forming upon his lips. With his fingertips buffing the area of his boot to a shine once again, ridding it of the blemish, his gaze quickly surveyed the rest of the perfectly shined leather as it reflected the delicate glow of the moon. Satisfied, he slowly worked his way upwards, straightening and evening out the cuffs to his boots. Fingers worked the fabric of his knickers to make certain that only an inch of hemming was trapped within the cuff of each boot about his upper calves and every seam was straightened. He then began to perform the deft maneuver that would remove even the most microscopic of motes from the rich fabric he chose for this evening, picking and plucking towards his waist. The belt was inspected for the most clever of creases in the leather. The ascot about his neck was fluffed and fretted with. Working blindly over the criss-crossed pattern of the laces that held his vest taut, he counted each three times to make certain they were straight. A shrug repositioned his jacket upon his shoulders as he swept his hands along the sleeves, straightened the gores, and flatten any creases. Working on his gloves he lined each seam up perfectly along the length of his fingers and tugged at their hem three times to make certain they were on. Lastly, he swept a hand over the top of his brow to check for straying strands of hair and readjusted his glasses that were perfectly balanced upon the bridge of his nose. The entire ordeal cost him a dear half an hour worth of his time. It was quite acceptable, and would still be even if it had taken him longer. To the man, appearance was key in particular situations, and this happened to be one of those times.

His gaze managed to lift from his arduous task long enough to once more search the window and beyond. It wasn't long before he was able to seize the lovely blond locks of the young woman in his sight once again. Not far from the window where he stood he could make out her profile as her head bobbled up and down in discussion, speaking vividly to someone across from her. He set himself into a lazy meander he finished straightening the last of his attire, wandering towards the door of the establishment.

It wasn't a large place in any direction but up, for the building had at least two floors besides the main that were dedicated to renting by the hour, day, week, or month. It was normal for the patrons to take up the rooms for only an hour or two. Sometimes a poor vagabond would arrive who wasn't able to afford the finer inns that could be found in the higher end merchant district, so they came where they were able to pay a lower fare and stay for a few days. The place was clean enough, though, and that gave them a hand up on some of the more raunchy institutions. Folk came from around town for a decent meal and to know they could be free and open towards the opposite sex without ending up under the sheets with an empty wallet an hour later. No, this place was meant only to escape the barriers put in place by society and to embrace the taboos without worry.

There couldn't have been more than a dozen people inside the main room. On the second floor, however, with the ability to enjoying a more private conversation, the numbers were unknown. The man drew no attention to himself as he entered the room, seeming more to glide than actually raise and lower each leg, which would have caused his body to bounce up and down with each step. He was graceful, for a man. This was a rare gift as most men seemed to enjoy strutting around. Most men took pride in their roles of hunters and warriors, roles given to them by the great unknown above.

Krimsin was not far away now. He took a moment to allow his lingering gaze to disappear behind closing lids so that he might, instead, enjoy the sweet floral fragrance the woman had drifting from her person. Certainly she must bathe in oils nightly before her adventures, he decided. With lashes drawing open once again, he began the slow approach to her table. From the corner a lone piper sat on a stool playing a hauntingly enchanting tune. Few found it desirable enough to dance to which cleared the way nicely for the man.

"Ah, Milady. I couldn't help but become entranced with you from just across the way here. Although I do hope I am not interrupting anything, I felt as though I would be remiss in myself had I not approached you to let you know how I felt of your stunning beauty.” If sweeter words could ever be hung in the sky like the moon, casting that same eerie yet gentle light, he did not know them. Each word, each small breath and drawn out syllable, caused her to turn her most amazing gaze of green towards him. He could feel the flutter in his chest as her eyes met his for the first time since he began watching her long ago. As if to calm the sudden pit-patterings of his heart, one hand lifted to rest upon his chest, soothing the beast within. According to his plan, this caused the woman's lips to curl at the corners, a rose hue starting to push into the satiny cream of her cheeks.

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