The Investigator

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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Mymyk: The Grotto

“Ah, dear brother,” came that growingly familiar voice before that Cheshire like smile came into view with its row of pearly whites that gleamed in the dimness. “You do not even begin to understand the power of love. It is no wonder you sit here unable to breathe. Even I admit that even I find the power of love...spell-binding.”

Unable to answer, all Phimires could do was sit there on the grotto's floor, watching as The Investigator finally came into full view as he stepped into the delicate light of the moon. A light so delicate that it managed to soften his features all the more. The angelic man on the floor pawed weakly at his throat, tears bubbling to life at the corners of his eyes, head shaking back and forth in disbelief. The grin of The Investigator slowly turned into a sad sort of smile as he continued to stride forward only to kneel at his brother's side.

“Speechless? I would be, too. She is a beautiful woman, brother, and you are expecting your first. Such an incredible miracle. The power of love is overwhelming, though, isn't it?” Piercing gaze watched the angel intently for an answer. When none came, like a rattlesnake strike, The Investigator's hand shot out and replaced both of the weak pawing ones. Shaking the man by his throat, golden eyes flamed to life as they opened wide. “Isn't it?!” he repeated with such force that small dust and debris dislodged from the grotto's ceiling only to drift slowly downwards.

The grotto held a pregnant silence as everything seemed to hold its breath so as not to disturb the resettling of the dust. Finally, the strong hand relaxed and moved away as if there was something it just remembered it had to do. Slowly, The Investigator brought himself to stand once again, methodically brushing the dust off his shoulder and knees, keeping his attire impeccable. Casting a gaze towards Phimires, he caught the trembling of lips dotted in a bead work of sweat as a simple word was trying to escape with a lack-luster of breath: Please.

“Oh, my brother,” The Investigator began before taking in a lungful of air, allowing it to escape slowly with the vaguest of purrs pushing it forward. “Brother, nothing would please me more than to listen to you beg. I haven't the time, though, for you see, the child can not possibly wait forever. It is coming, so I must be going. I must allow you some mercy in the process.” As if answering the pleading look in the man's eyes, the Cheshire smile returned once again. “Don't worry, dear brother. I will take care of them.”

Eyes bulged in Phimires's head as if someone were trying to squeeze them right out of their sockets. “The power of love,” The Investigator muttered in thought as his fingers searched the rock wall before him. “No. Not the power of love. But you will still be a delightful addition.” Fingers plucked at something that hid in the shadows before a ringing of metal ricocheted off the walls. A thin blade was soon released from its rocky sheath and rested between the two. A swift thrust, and itt wasn't long before all that remained was a slumped form in the corner of the grotto as the night continued to darken and steal away the moon.