The Investigator

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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Aensa: The Cube

It seemed to float in the fingers, rotating this way and that. It was as if she knew exactly how to open it. Perhaps it was merely opening itself. Panting, she sat with her back against the wall in a dark alley where she was least likely to be seen.

She didn't know what forced her to creep out of bed that night, away from the slumbering Raziel. What drew her, of all places, to the church? Azure gaze studied the glowing gold object in her fingertips as a chill ran down her back. What possessed her to steal something from the vault of the Royal Church? Her thumb smoothed over the item trying to understand what the possible draw could have been. There had to be a reason she sat here holding an object that felt so familiar, so warm, so inviting and yet it terrified the priest to no end. Why was it that she felt comfortable around such a thing?

Feeling eyes on her, the hairs on the back of her neck stood on end. Glancing first one way and then the other, she finally spied a pair of golden eyes deep in the dark, watching her, as if trying to assess what was going to happen. Picking up a stone near her foot, she tossed it down the blackened alley way.

“Shoo cat! I ain't gots nothin' ya wants!” And just as quickly as they appeared, they glimmer of eyes seemed to disappear like the moon hiding behind a curtain of clouds. She still didn't feel comfortable, didn't feel confident.

“Why dids ya want me? What is it abouts me?!” She shook the cube in anger, not understanding why her dreams and black outs would bring her to suddenly be a thief.